Road Safety
SRRA have been campaigning strongly for road safety measures in Sparkbrook.

After alot of campaigning, we finally have had speed humps installed on Kyotts Lake Road and Kendal Road. We hope this will slow cars down. We also have 2 speed signs installed which hopefully will alert drivers to the speed they are doing. Our message is simple, we do want to see you drive slowly through our area. Thank you

Finally after all our campaigning road safety measures are going in! The Council have begun with making changes to the kerbs, and speed humps. Time will tell how well these measures will slow down drivers and make the roads safer for our community.

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    Community members, Police, Councillors, faith groups all came together to discuss what can be done to reduce speed on the roads. Thanks to all those that gave their input. For sure, this will help in making our community safer.

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      Hema Kasi Patel who has helped us massively on our road safety campaign was once again on hand to conduct a street audit with residents. This looked at how the street can be improved for pedestrians, particular around crossing the road. This report will be passed to Birmingham City Coucnil and we hope many of the things the community are asking for will be implemented.

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        We managed to get over 1000 signatures on our petition for road safety measures. We handed the petition over to Birmingham City Council. Thanks to everyone who took time to sign the petition. We really do hope this will make a significant difference!

        The community at large wanted to show their support for our road safety calls on Kyotts Lake Road and Kendal Road and so we organised a peaceful protest to show our feelings. It was very attended and we had the BBC and Central news in attendance.

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          Resident Saleh Dalie was killed crossing Kyotts Lake Road. This was a tragic event for the family and the community.

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