Community garden
We are developing a piece of disused land into a communal garden called our Community Safe Space

Lovely Cotswold stone has been laid at the front of the garden to offset the green colour and it looks magnificent. We have also erected a wooden picket fence along the boundary. Coming along nicely.

  • stone-4nov2019-01
  • stone-4nov2019-02
  • stone-4nov2019-03
  • stone-4nov2019-04
  • stone-4nov2019-05
  • stone-4nov2019-06

    Thanks to the team we have now installed the posts at the front of the community garden. This will allow us to secure the front so that no vehicles can drive on, making it a pedestrian and wheelchair friendly environment.

    • posts-30nov2018-01
    • posts-30nov2018-02
    • posts-30nov2018-03
    • posts-30nov2018-04
    • posts-30nov2018-05
    • posts-30nov2018-06
    • posts-30nov2018-07
    • posts-30nov2018-08
    • posts-30nov2018-09
    • posts-30nov2018-10
    • posts-30nov2018-11
    • posts-30nov2018-12
    • posts-30nov2018-13


      The garden is coming together nicely. Of course, once the plants go in, we need water. So we had the idea of collecting rainwater through a guttering system that would fill up two water butts for a total of 700 litres! Rainwater is really good for the plants, better than tap water.

      • waterbutt-june2018001
      • waterbutt-june2018002
      • waterbutt-june2018003
      • waterbutt-june2018004
      • waterbutt-june2018005
      • waterbutt-june2018006
      • waterbutt-june2018007
      • waterbutt-june2018008
      • waterbutt-june2018009

        A big thank you to Tracey Medlyn from the Royal Horticultural Society for providing us with these planters. They look great and we hope to plant vegetables in them eventually.

        • planter-june2018001
        • planter-june2018002
        • planter-june2018003
        • planter-june2018004
        • planter-june2018005
        • planter-june2018006
        • planter-june2018007
        • planter-june2018008
        • planter-june2018009
        • planter-june2018010
        • planter-june2018011
        • planter-june2018012

          We have had to put these sturdy treated wooden planks in to stop the compost from going through the gate and to keep it within the border we are designing. Hard work but it's got to be done!

          • planks-june2018001
          • planks-june2018002
          • planks-june2018003
          • planks-june2018004
          • planks-june2018005
          • planks-june2018006
          • planks-june2018007
          • planks-june2018008

            Border rolls are now going in which will seperate the border from the lawn.

            • edging-may2018001
            • edging-may2018002
            • edging-may2018003
            • edging-may2018004
            • edging-may2018005
            • edging-may2018006
            • edging-may2018007
            • edging-may2018008
            • edging-may2018009
            • edging-may2018010
            • edging-may2018011
            • edging-may2018012
            • edging-may2018013
            • edging-may2018014
            • edging-may2018015
            • edging-may2018016
            • edging-may2018017

              There is nothing like sitting down on a picnic table on a summers day and enjoying food and drink. Picnic tables have gone in today and have to say they look fab!

              • pictables-may2018001
              • pictables-may2018002
              • pictables-may2018003
              • pictables-may2018005
              • pictables-may2018007
              • pictables-may2018012
              • pictables-may2018013
              • pictables-may2018014
              • pictables-may2018015
              • pictables-may2018016
              • pictables-may2018017
              • pictables-may2018018
              • pictables-may2018019

                A big task but one that has to be done! Cut the grass for the first time in 2018. Big thanks to the volunteers who helped. Hope to see more of you in the future to help out.

                • IMG-20180520-WA0041
                • IMG-20180520-WA0043
                • IMG-20180520-WA0045

                The community garden has received what all the kids have been waiting for....the swings! Great work again to the SRRA volunteers in outting the swings up in this cold weather.

                • IMG-20180107-WA0004
                • IMG-20180107-WA0006
                • IMG-20180107-WA0008
                • IMG-20180107-WA0019
                • IMG-20180107-WA0041
                • IMG-20180107-WA0042
                • IMG-20180107-WA0048
                • IMG-20180107-WA0049
                • IMG-20180107-WA0050
                • IMG-20180107-WA0055
                • IMG-20180107-WA0084
                • IMG-20180107-WA0085

                  Big thank you to Tracely Medlyn from the Royal Horticultural Society for showing us how to lay the lawn. We had never done it before and we havent done a bad job!

                  • garden-grass001
                  • garden-grass002
                  • garden-grass003
                  • garden-grass004
                  • garden-grass005
                  • garden-grass006
                  • garden-grass007
                  • garden-grass008
                  • garden-grass009

                    After the installation of the fence, we started on the groundworks and levelling it all out. Thanks to Andy and Andy for their help in this regard. Gravel was laid for the path. Topsoil was added to the dirt ready for installation of the lawn.

                    • garden-20jul001
                    • garden-20jul002
                    • garden-20jul003
                    • garden-20jul004
                    • garden-20jul005
                    • garden-20jul006
                    • garden-20jul007

                      The community garden finally has its fence up! We didnt want the fence to be too intrusive so we intend to hang flowers and climbers onto the fence. Once it is matured, the fence will hopefully blend into the environment.

                      • fence001
                      • fence002
                      • fence003
                      • fence004
                      • fence005
                      • fence006
                      • fence007

                        Work began in earnest on the community garden. With the help of volunteers we have stripped the old bushes and cut down overgrown branches. We would love for more people to get involved. Just get in touch with us if you want to help out.

                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 001
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 002
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 003
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 004
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 005
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 006
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 007
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 008
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 009
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 010
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 011
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 012
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 013
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 014
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 015
                        • Cg Work 9jan2015 016

                          Big thanks to Tracey Medlyn at the Royal Horticultural Society for helping us to plant bulbs in the semi circular brick walled and start us on our journey of making the area look nicer.

                          • Cg Bulbs 001
                          • Cg Bulbs 002
                          • Cg Bulbs 003
                          • Cg Bulbs 004

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