Knife Crime
Knife crime has plagued the community of Sparkbrook. We are determined to do what we can to stamp this out. As well as education, we have installed the very first weapon surrender bin in Sparkbrook.

Just take a look at the weapons that were emptied from the weapon surrender bin!

  • IMG 20150909 WA0014
  • IMG 20150909 WA0015
  • IMG 20150909 WA0016
  • IMG 20150909 WA0017
  • IMG 20150909 WA0018
  • IMG 20150909 WA0019
  • IMG 20150909 WA0020
  • IMG 20150909 WA0021
  • IMG 20150909 WA0022

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Sampson Road Residents Association was formed in 2010. And we have never looked back! We work with the Councillors, Police, faith groups and many others in an effort to make a difference.